Exetel Residential Broadband and Telephone

Exetel Business Broadband

Exetel Residential ADSL1/ADSL2+ Broadband   Exetel Corporate SHDSL (Data Links)
Exetel Residential Phone Service

Via Optus Wholesale infrastructure/network

Exetel Business ADSL1  
Exetel Business ADSL2+ Exetel Corporate MPLS WAN (VPN)
Exetel Business SHDSL (Data Links) Exetel Corporate Midband Ethernet
  Exetel Corporate Wireless Ethernet
  Exetel Corporate Pure IP

Exetel Residential Mobile Broadband Exetel Business Mobile Broadband Exetel Corporate Mobile Broadband
Exetel Residential VoIP Exetel Business VoIP Exetel Corporate VoIP
Exetel Residential Mobile
Exetel Business Mobile Exetel Corporate Mobile
Exetel Residential Fibre Broadband   Exetel Corporate Fibre Broadband
Exetel Residential SMS Exetel Business SMS Exetel Corporate SMS
Exetel Residential Hosting Exetel Business Hosting Exetel Coporate Hosting

Value Added Services

Exetel Internet Security and Online Backup
FaceMe Video Confering and Collaboration

Complaint, Financial Hardship Policy & Acceptable Use Policy

Complaint Handing Policy
Financial Hardship Policy
Acceptable Use Policy